FAQs – Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you represent children?
We do not currently have a modeling program for children (ages 12 and under), but through our consultation services we offer unbiased advice and can refer you to the appropriate contacts for getting your child started in modeling.

How much do services cost?
Because we uniquely structure our services to your needs services vary depending on the circumstance.

I’m interested in modeling, how do I get started?
Fill out an interest form on the following page. Do your research. Look online at what it takes to become a model. There are all different types of models and requirements to get started in this field. We specialize in runway training and total development.

Do you have services for adults?
We offer individual private consultation sessions for adults in fashion.

I have a business that I want to market, but I’m not sure if you offer services for me.
We have a very diverse client base. Call us to schedule a free consultation and see if our skills meet your needs.

Do you represent models?
At this time our model training and development program only focuses on equipping young women with the skills needed to start in the industry. We do not book jobs or directly represent talent in any official capacity.

Do you have training for men?
We offer 1 on 1 model consultations for guys desiring to emerge in the runway modeling industry. At this time we do not have group training sessions for young men.